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Design Wall Monday and We Support You Blog Hop Day 3

It's Day 3 

Sew we quilt

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Feb 2nd 


Now, for what's on my design wall...

I Spy Quilt - Novelty Fabrics

This is a far cry from what was on the wall last week, isn't it? (By the way, I decided to leave the corners as they are here. I played with some options and finally decided that I just didn't want to take it all apart and redo them. Besides, my husband likes it like this.)

Red and White Quilt, Prairie Star - Judy Niemeyer quilt pattern

So back to the quilt that's on the wall now. 

I was spending some quality time cleaning and organizing in my sewing room when I opened a drawer and found all of the blocks for this quilt nicely packed up and patiently waiting to be sewn together.  

After looking at the blocks and my notes, I realized that this quilt has been packed away for probably close to 8 years, if not more. I didn't have a pattern with the blocks, just some sketches and notes that I made. I believe this is based on a quilt I'd seen made by Freddie Moran. It was so colorful and had alternating black and white side setting triangles. (Mine has black and white dots.)

I Spy Quilt - Novelty Fabrics

As you can tell from the picture, this quilt is BIG. The blocks finish 9", but are set on point so they are even bigger. I've used 98 blocks for the quilt and have blocks left over. (I didn't count them, but I'm guessing I have at least 25 or 30.) Based on my notes, I believe that I just made a bunch of blocks using the many novelty and bright fabrics that I had in my stash at that time. 

It was fun to look at the blocks and remember the various quilts and other projects that I've made. (There was a period of time in which I made mostly children's quilts that were bright and fun. Many, if not most of them were donated to various charities and I wanted them to be fun for the kids. I loved making "I Spy" quilts and a other similar quilts. Each quilt was given with a pillowcase as well. Mmmmmm, I need to do more of that!)

Anyway, I showed the blocks to Jack and he said he remembered when I started making those blocks. He had asked for a "fun" quilt for our bed and thought these would be perfect. Now I know why I had made so many blocks and why my sketches showed a very large quilt. So, this quilt will be about 90" x 100" when it's all said and done and it will be perfect for when grandkids spend the night and come see us in the morning. We can play the "looking game" while we enjoy some morning time together.

Here's a picture of one of the blocks. See how much fun it would be to search for a rocket or a sewing machine?

I Spy Quilt - Novelty Fabrics

The picture doesn't have the entire quilt in it, but I have all of the rows sewn and many of the rows sewn together. As a matter of fact, I just have three more rows (near the center - you know, the LONG ones) to sew together and this will be ready for quilting. I already have the backing ready too, so this should be done pretty quickly.

There was no order to my block placement. I just put them up on the wall and only moved a block if it matched one next to it, or had too many of the same colors. Once the blocks were up, it was easy to sew the rows. I was pleasantly surprised that it was easy to match up the seams. 

Unfortunately, I never got back to cleaning out the rest of that drawer. I may have to do that soon. Who knows what other treasures I'm going to find?

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Dasha said...

How nice to find all those blocks after all that time. It will be a fun quilt for your grandies to play with/on when they come over.