Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers' Day

Happy Mothers' Day!

I miss my mom everyday and I find myself gravitating to pictures when I feel like I need a mom "fix." 

Following are a few of my favorite "Mom" pictures.

I love this picture of Mom and Dad, and the fact that the frame is sunflowers makes it even better.  :-)

I know you've seen this picture many times before, but I absolutely LOVE it!
Mom was a trouper and spent the entire day in freezing rain waiting to watch Nikki and her rowing team participate in a race that never happened - it was called off because of the dangerous conditions of the river. Nikki's teammates were impressed that Mom stayed and called her a "Hard Core Grandma." (That's not what I heard when they first said it. Can you guess what I heard? It certainly wasn't something you'd want to hear anyone call your mother.  hehehehe)

Here's another picture I know you've seen before, but it makes me smile every time I see it.
Mom and Sadie spent a lot of time with those pumpkin placemats. Their laughter filled the house whenever the made a new face that was particularly "interesting." Of course, they got Lynn involved and it was even more fun. I still have those placemats and pull them out every Fall for the kids. And yes, they still have fun with them and I know Mom is laughing right with us. :-)

Here Mom is getting ready to help Lynn with the "wedding necklace." Every bride in our family since Mom has worn that necklace. The tradition continues and my niece Ashley wore it last month and Amber will wear it next month.   

And here's Mom on the dance floor at Lynn and Ty's reception. 
We are ALL dancing to "We Are Family!" 
It wasn't panned, but I love how Mom is framed here.

And here are a couple of my favorite pictures of 
two of my favorite moms. 
I need some updated favorite pictures.  :-)

Nikki and awesome, growing family
They'll be welcoming a new baby in mid-September! 

Lynn and her beautiful family
(Avery still loves Peyton, even after almost 2 months)

And finally, there are no moms in this picture, but whenever I see a humming bird I think of my mom and sisters and the years we spent at Burr Oak. We enjoyed many wonderful hours just relaxing, talking, and reconnecting with each other. 
We no longer go to Burr Oak but we still get together. Last year, the sisters made the trek to my house and it was wonderful. They'll all be here again this summer and I can't wait.   

This picture was taken from the kitchen window, so doing the dishes wasn't so bad after all.  :-)

Happy Mothers' Day!

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Kathie Thomas said...

ALL the pics are beautiful!!! I think of Mom and Dad often and am always amazed how they kept it together with all of us. Mom always had our back thru thick and thin. Only once do I remember her saying wait until till your father gets home. I miss her daily. Love you