Monday, January 22, 2018

Design Wall Monday and The Sewing Revolution!

I'm later than normal to get this posted, but at least it's still Monday.  😋

I had other things on my design wall and even more planned to go up today, but I got a call last night from a very good friend who asked if I had a masculine-looking quilt that is predominately either blue or brown and very simple in design for sale. We talked a bit more and I found out that her father is quite ill; and, in her words "will soon begin his final journey." She is an only child and her mother passed away two years ago. My heart is breaking for her!  

She will be heading home to Oregon on Wednesday evening and would like to take the quilt with her if at all possible. If you know me or read my blog for any length of time, you know that I will do anything to make that possible! And she will NOT pay for this. No way!

I started to look at my quilts and was just not feeling that anything was right. So, instead of sending along a random quilt that I've made with no specific purpose, I pulled some jelly roll strips and sewed this together. These strips are from a pack that I raided a year or so ago to get specific fabrics. I can't remember what line it though, which makes me sad because I'd like to give credit where credit is due. 

I sent a picture to my friend this morning and she thought it would be perfect. Her dad spent most of his career working as an engineer and loved straight-forward and linear designs. And, he has always loved blues and browns together. I was so happy that I had these fabrics! 

Yes, it's very simple, but I think it's perfect. I'll quilt it this afternoon and hopefully get the binding on tonight. My goal is to deliver it to her tomorrow evening so she can concentrate on other things.

I have always felt that quilts are very powerful objects. I was once told that a quilt is a fabric hug from the maker, and I couldn't agree more. Not only can quilts be therapeutic for the receiver, but for the giver as well. I spent a lot of time "talking" to my friend and her dad while piecing this last night, and I'll continue to do so during the quilting and binding stages.

Here's the backing fabric I chose.

I'll take pictures when it's complete and post them. 

Be sure to stop back tomorrow because I'll be posting pictures of my two Wayward Transparency quilts. 


Since I've been talking about giving, I want to tell you about something in which I'm involved and hope you get involved as well. 

Scott Fortunoff, president of Jaftex has been giving away free sewing machines. He is working very hard to get, what he calls The Sewing Revolution rolling big time. As of Saturday night, 72 new machines have been given away and there are more available.

Seriously people! There is no catch to this.

Scott recorded this short video back in Sept. when he started the giveaway; and it's worth watching to help understand the purpose of the giveaway and what you need to do if you want to try for a machine. 

Check out his blog post today to learn even more about this. 

Get involved and be a part of this movement!


Check out what other quilters have on their design walls today.


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SherryB said...

Awww, you are so sweet to drop everything to make a special quilt for a special person. I'm sure it will be well received. THIS is what quilting means to me!