Friday, January 12, 2018

Humor is Important!

We all know that most of us would rather laugh than cry any day, right? Well, I try to see humor and the positive side to everything, because quite honestly, nobody really wants to hear me complain. (Don't get me wrong. I do my fair share of complaining. But, I am trying to make a concerted effort to recognize that I'm doing it and stop immediately.)

There are times that my humor and positive thinking just plain drives Jack crazy. He's been known to call me Positive Polly just to let me know that he knows I'm trying to point out negativity to him but that he's not quite done with it yet.  :-)  We always laugh about it, especially when I refer to him as Negative Norm. (So maybe we are a bit immature, but it works for us.)  

Along with the positive thinking, I've pretty much always known that I have a pretty high pain tolerance too, and I'm happy for that. Well, the last few weeks I've been struggling with a few dental issues and they've culminated into extreme pain, a very swollen face, and an emergency root canal yesterday. There's still more work to be done, but that won't happen until next week. To say the least, I'm not been feeling very well. Not even well enough that I felt like sewing at all. You know it's bad when that happens! 

So what's my point you ask? Jack has been so good with helping me and doing things to make me laugh. Just this morning, as he quietly left the bedroom (so I could sleep a little longer), I saw him bend down like he was picking up something. Look what I found when I got out of bed.

I also found a note that said "I know you feel like the house fell on top of you, but trust me; I don't think you are acting in any way like the Wicked Witch of the West."

I laughed out loud! Of course THAT hurt; but it was so worth it. 

I hope to sew later today or at least tomorrow. Until then, I won't have anything new to show.  :-(


Suze said...

Hope you are soon back in the pink. My second husband made me laugh and laugh. We were each disabled when we met and married, so we knew we were going to have lots of challenges. Humor sure helped us. I love to piece quilts and I love to knit. I haven't pieced since my husband died and I haven't felt like picking up my needles lately. Today, I realized that the thought of cutting out a quilt is overwhelming to me. A friend has been hinting that she wants a quilt and I know she really wants a king size quilt for her bed - she's a widow, too. She has asked a couple of times if I'm working on a quilt for her. She told me the other day that I could make her a twin bed quilt and she'll take it when she goes to an assisted living place - which we all hope is a long time off and for a short time. So, I have wanted to make a churn dash quilt. I decided that I'm just going to cut one block out at a time and make that. I mean I'm really going to break it down to a block by block cut, too. She loves pink, so I think and pink with white quilt would be beautiful for her. I need to create to boost my umph, too. Again, I hope you are feeling better very, very soon.

Maureen said...

He's a keeper! So nice to have his sense of humor when you are feeling so poorly. Hope you get through this process without your current pain level.