Sunday, July 29, 2018

Classes and Projects - Lots of Pictures!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks and I'm finally close to getting caught up with things. The 12 Days of Christmas winners should be receiving their packages within the next day or two and I am pretty well set and on task for the schedule I set for myself to get a variety of projects completed.

Keeping with the Christmas in July theme, I taught a couple of classes that were really fun and very productive. Check out what these ladies made while learning the basics of paper piecing. 

Bonnie's light green fabrics look great!

Hazel added a touch of pizzazz with the green swirl. 

Linda was a quick learner and only has one more tree section and then the base to sew and then she's ready to add borders. 

Dorothy wanted to keep her greens pretty similar in value and texture. I think she did a good job of that and still have interest in the tree. 

Sue chose to make her tree patriotic and very scrappy. I can't wait to see this completed. 

Like Linda, Barb was a quick learner and even though it looks like she made a mistake (she sewed section 3 with the paper backwards), we are choosing to believe that she has just started piecing her second tree already.  I generally tell students that we don't make mistakes. We make design changes. πŸ˜„

I also taught the Poinsettia Millefiori Quilt and had an awesome time spending the day with twelve very fun ladies.

One of the best things about this quilt is that no two will be the same. Although no one was ready to lay out their entire quilt by the end of the day, they all were very productive and made a lot of the blocks. (Of course I didn't get any pictures of blocks up on the design wall. πŸ˜‘)

A couple of the ladies decided that they wanted to cut everything before they started piecing. Good for them! They will be able to whip up their blocks in no time.

Me, I'm kind of an instant gratification kind of gal and like to cut a little and then sew a little. Cut some more, and them sew some more. That's what the majority of the group did too. 


I love all the variations!

It's hard to believe that everyone started with the same fabric. 

Of course everyone had to check out their classmates blocks. Marcia stated to lay her blocks as she was making them to get an idea of what the quilt might look like.

I thought I might have to do a bag check on everyone when they were leaving because we all found a block made by someone else that we loved and wanted to add to ours. There might have been a little planning to distract someone and do a block switch, but that plan was quickly foiled. 😁 (It might have worked if we could have whispered when making the plan, but nooooo. We were loud and laughing too much for that.) 

I always enjoy teaching, but it's especially fun when the class has really enjoyable students. Thanks Ladies!

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of a couple other Christmas-themed projects that I completed this past week.

Have an awesome week! 

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