Saturday, February 1, 2020

February Color Challenge

It's the second month of the color challenge and I'm blogging again. Yay!

Wasn't it fun to see all those blocks last month?

For this month's pattern and instructions,

This month's bird and color are the Indigo Bunting - Teal

This is a beautiful bird and color!

Like so many birds, it is the male that has such a bright and wonderful color. The Indigo Bunting male is a small, sparrow-sized stocky bird with a short tail and conical bill. The males are a bright blue overall with a slightly richer blue on the head. 

Click HERE to listen to it's beautiful song. 

These wonderful birds sing from treetops, shrubs, and telephone lines all summer long. They are commonly found in weedy and brushy areas; and they really like hedgerows, overgrown patches, and brushy roadsides. They eat insects and berries, and can be attracted to backyards with thistle or nyjer seeds. 

Teal is one of those colors that has different "interpretations" for different people. I generally think that teal has more green to it, but when I look at the pictures of the Indigo Bunting, I see more blue. I generally think as that as more turquoise than teal. Nevertheless, I really like this color! While checking out my quilt pictures, I realize that I haven't used it very much and I think I need to change that. Here are a couple of projects in which I have used teal.

I wanted to try a cathedral window, but knew that I did NOT want to make a full quilt. This pillow was perfect.  

This quilt was made for a black and white plus one challenge. The pattern is Madd Hatter by Elaine Wick Poplin


Let's take a look at this month's color challenge block. 
Go to Jen's blog for the instructions. 
Here are my fabrics. 
(Remember that I am making two blocks - 
one with a black background and one with a white background; and I am using batiks for my colored prints.)

I really like the texture on this fabric I bought at Once Upon a Quilt in Ft. Lauderdale.  

I love their logo; and check out the colors!

The pieces are ready to be sewn together!

Time to use the rotary cutter.

I have no idea why this picture is so bad.  :-(

Just like that, all the pieces are ready to be sewn to make the block!

I like these fabrics and I really like HST units, so I played around a bit before making the block. What do you think of these block layouts?

I like this rectangular block!

Enough playing around. Here are my February blocks...

I like the teal diamond that is formed when I put these two blocks next to each other.  Hmmmm, I may have to play around with a new quilt option. :-)

 As a word of warning, be careful when sewing the HST units together. Be sure to have them in the correct orientation or you'll have to rip some seams like I did.  Yikes!  Can see see how perfect my point would have been? 😊

Check out the other bloggers who are making this block. I just love how the change of fabric makes that blocks look totally different. 


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Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Joan! I loved checking out the link for the Indigo Bunting! I think it is a slightly odd name as I think of indigo as being dark blue. I sure would love to spot him around - he is gorgeous and I love his song. Your cathedral block pillow is also gorgeous. I have wanted to try making that block but absolutely know it wouldn't and couldn't be for a quilt! Beautiful job. Your teal blocks at so very pretty, and I love the idea of the black HST laid next to the white HST. Hmm. You're on to something there. I can't wait to see your next batik block! ~smile~ Roseanne

Terri said...

I’m trying to find fabric ahead of time and want to see the birds again for color reference. Where do I find them?

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