Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April Color Challenge

This month's color is purple and the bird is the HoneyCreeper.

For the pattern and block instructions, head on over to 

This is a beautiful bird, but unfortunately it does not live near me. It's home is in the lowlands and foothills of northern South America. Maybe I should plan a trip so I can see this for myself. I speak enough Spanish that I could get around ok. :-) 

This is a very small bird that has a quite long curved bill and beautiful yellow legs. The male is predominately blue-indigo with a black mask over its eyes, a black throat, and black wings. 

The female is beautiful in her own right. She is mostly green with pale streakings on the underside, has a buffy-brown face, and a blue mustache stripe. Just like her male counterpart, she has a curved bill.

You can hear their beautiful sound HERE


I've used purple in a few of my projects. Sometimes it's a main fabric, but mostly it's an accent or binding. 

Straight and Easy Table Runner

Hearts Abound

Going Up

Hoop Quilt

Hoop Quilt



Back to the Color Challenge - Here are my fabrics!

I bought the purple at Once Upon a Quilt in Ft. Lauderdale when I was there in December. Oh, how I wish I was there now. I'm a little tired of the rain here in Ohio. 

All of my pieces are cut...

and the units are sewn.

These blocks are easy to sew and so much fun when they are complete. 

I have been taking pictures of the two blocks offset a little, which I like, but check out what they look like right next to each other.

I like that look too.  :-) 

Remember to go to Jen's blog to pick up this month's block instructions. Be sure to check out our sponsors and all the awesome prizes available. 

Also, be sure to check out the bloggers for this month. I think you'll enjoy seeing all the different fabrics people are using. :-) 

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