Thursday, January 14, 2021

Quilt Reveal - 2020 Color Challenge

 I love when it's time to reveal quilts!

I enjoyed making the blocks each month and learning about the birds that 
Jen - of Patterns by Jen used to introduce each month's color. 
I think that is such a fun way to choose colors!  

These fabrics...

have turned into these two quilts.

If you followed along each month of 2020, you know that I used a group of batiks that I purchased from Once Upon a Quilt in Ft. Lauderdale 
while I was there for a workshop in Dec. of 2019.
Like I had done the previous year, I decided to make two sets of blocks. This time one set would be made with a white background and one with black. 

After making the first couple of blocks, I started thinking about the quilt layout. I have to admit that when I work with batiks, I typically use either a black or white for the background. I think those two colors just make the batiks pop and look awesome. Here are a couple of examples of quilts that I've made that demonstrate what I mean.

Compass Points - Tamarinis

Bloom - Cut Loose Press pattern

Mandalynn - Busy Hands Quilts

Prairie Star - Judy Niemeyer

See what I mean? How could I go wrong with using black and white background fabric?

I was considering making one very large quilt (these two each measure 63" x 81") and incorporate both sets of blocks into one quilt. It didn't take long before I changed my mind and decided that I was going to go a different route.

Look closely at the two quilts and you will see that they are exactly the same, except for the background fabrics. 

Every block is in the same place, framed by the same fabric, sashing stars are identical, and even the scrappy flanged binding fabrics are placed in identical order. 
(Yep! I may be a little OCD.) 

I even made the backings identical, just changing the color/fabric. 

It's hard to see, but I quilted both of these the same way as well - with a free motion loopy design. You can really see it on the white quilt, but not so much on the black one.

Because the blocks were placed randomly and not according to the month they were completed, I decided to place the scrappy flange binding in the order the fabric was used. Realizing that didn't really tell me which fabric was used first, I decided to add a little reference guide in the binding. 

Since it's on top, I know that yellow was the January color and red was December. All the other months/fabric fall in the correct order in between those two. Just to be sure that I have it correct, the flange fabrics follow the same order as the fabrics in the guide. I think this is just plain fun and adds a bit of interest.  :-) 

I like this addition to the binding and have done it on some other quilts. 

On this one, I took the opportunity to add my label at the same place 
as the binding addition.

Even though I had lots of time to get pictures of this quilt, of course I waited until it was a windy day. It's always so much fun trying to take pictures when it's windy. Jack is feeling better, which is a good thing because and he and Lynn were pretty darn quick at stopping the rack from being blown over. 

I had a couple of other great helpers too! Whenever a big gust of wind would start, these two would run over and stand in front of the quilt, trying to hold it in place. 

Peyton even got down on the ground and held the bottom of the quilt so I could get a picture of the binding from the back.  :-) 

I am one lucky woman to have this much help. 
Not a single one of them mentioned the fact that I could have taken 
these pictures a month ago.  :-)

Let's see some other finished 2020 Monthly Challenge quilts!

This is just a handful of the many other quilters who met the challenge and created some amazing projects. 

(Our amazing hostess for the challenge!)

rainbows. bunnies. cupcakes

I had a lot of fun making these blocks and quilts, and 
I'm already enjoying the 2021 blocks. 

There's still time to participate in for the 2021 Challenge
Simply go to Jen's blog and get the free pattern.
I hope you join the fun!
I already know how I'm going to finish my 2021 projects. 
Hopefully I won't wait until a windy, rainy, or snowy day to take pictures.  :-) 


Rhonda Jester said...

You are awesome lady! I love all the colors and all the lay outs. It keeps your mind active. I do believe I am heading over to her site to see what I can do! Thanks bunches on your creative ideas...I need some of your wisdom and of course your creative ideas!..rhonda

piecefulwendy said...

Amazing how a different background can change the whole look of the quilt! Two very pretty finishes! And you have a couple of cute small helpers, there!

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