Thursday, March 11, 2021

Black and Red Quilt

Yesterday, I shared a few pictures of my "in progress" Atlantic Avenue quilt. I also mentioned that I had just completed a red and black quilt, and that I would share a picture of that today. 

I am hosting an on-line Sew Along on the Friends of Chestnut Ridge Sewing Facebook group and we are using the Mapleton Avenue pattern. 

Just because I feel like I have to, I am making two versions of quilt. I changed the black and red version a little by adding an additional column of blocks so it measures 56" x 64". (The pattern offers four size options, but none of them were quite the size I wanted so I made my own changes.) This two-color version was made totally out of scraps, and in the school colors of my oldest grandchild. (She is running track this year and I know from experience that she will most likely need this to keep warm during the early part of the season.)

My other quilt will be the lap size (48" x 64") and that is being made from an old 2 1/2" pre-cut package that I had in my stash. I chose to use a single background fabric, which is making the construction very simple and fast. This is the pre-cut and a grunge that I had considered using. I decided against it and went with a grey dot fabric instead.

Here are a few of my blocks just randomly laid out. I'm very pleased with the background fabric choice!

I have a few sub-teaching days coming, so my sewing time with be limited; but I hope to have this top pieced by the weekend. I'd also like to get the black and red one quilted and bound. I'll keep my fingers crossed, but I won't be overly disappointed if I don't get everything done that I want to. W

What are you working on today?