Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Quilt Pictures and More

I took a couple of pictures of my second version of the Mapleton Avenue quilt today. I am sooooo happy that I took the time to un-sew and change the layout!

I didn't take the time to stage some great pictures of this quilt because I really wanted to share it ASAP. I'll get better ones later. I love how these fabrics look against the changing grass color, the still-barren tree limbs, and that beautiful blue sky.  

I quilted a simple all-over meander and I am happy the results. I know that some people feel that a meander is kind of like cheating, but I disagree. I know how this quilt will be used and know that I wanted the fabrics to shine and not the quilting. Besides, I really do like the look of a meander.  A few years back, one of my granddaughters told me that she loves "those swirly all-over lines" that I quilt because she likes to trace them with her finger while she's trying to fall asleep. Who needs more reason to continue to quilt meanders?  :-) 

I am very happy with my binding! Yep; it's the stripes that were in the pre-cut package of strips.

There were two of each strip and I sewed them in an alternating orders so there was a nice flow around the quilt.

I love this picture and the beautiful tree and sky above it!

And just because I like to show it, here is the back. This was the original grey that I was going to use for the background on the front. I am very happy to have made the change.

I like how the stipe looks against this grunge backing.

Much to his chagrin, I had to get a picture of my quilt holder/binding consultant/quilt namer - AKA Jack. I am blessed with his constant support and encouragement.

Do you see that little bit of green way in the back on the left side? That's the Peace Bench that Ronan and Jack rebuilt last summer.

We had a very old garden bench that we were going to get rid of when Ronan asked if he could put it back by the "Peace Trees." I didn't know what he was talking about, so I asked him to explain. He said that the area way in the back is very peaceful and he loves to go back there when he's upset or just needs a break. There are a lots of trees, wild flowers, etc. back there, and it's because it's away from the house, it's quiet. (During the summer, it's actually hard to see from the house because of the trees and other plants that are quite tall.) 

Shoot! When he asked like that, how could we say, "No"? He and Jack spent a lot of time taking apart the bench, painting the wood (Ronan picked the color), and then putting it back together. They had a good time doing this and each learned a lot. Ronan ended up with his own toolbox and tools by the end of the project, which certainly made him happy.

When the restoration was done, Ronan asked his sisters to help move it to the Peace Area.  It was kind of an interesting undertaking, but it got done with no injuries or damage to the bench. 

All of this was done prior to Jack's back surgery and broken ankle. When he could finally get around without a wheelchair or walker, the kids asked if he could join them on the bench to say a prayer for his complete recovery. I love this picture! 

Of course the cousins love the bench too!

I am looking forward to spending time back in the Peace Area and know the kids are too. I think I'll take a few quilts back there and get some pictures. 

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The Joyful Quilter said...

Absolutely PERFECT binding choice, Joanne!! Congrats on finishing up another lovely quilt. The Peace Bench? Thanks for sharing that sweet story of the bench restoration. Way to go, Ronan and Grandpa Jack!! Who thought to add the name plaque?