Monday, March 29, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Nothing really exciting is on the wall this week. As I told you last week, my daughter and granddaughter were here and I knew that I wouldn't get much done quilting-wise. That's not exactly true because I did get three t-shirt quilts done (two small ones and one twin-size). These all went to the same person and they should be arriving in the mail to her today! Don't you love getting packages, especially fabric, quilting books, etc. Anyway, I digress....

I've been doing a bit of embroidery and I've never felt comfortable leaving the room while the machine is doing it's magic so I decided to work on blocks for a mini (3") 9-Patch swap. Here's the progress so far and what's on the (portable) design wall.

I've signed up for 10 sets of 10 of each variation (LDL and DLD). That's 200 blocks total and I've got all of the LDL blocks done and 20 of the DLD done. All of the strips are cut and have at least the first seam sewn so it shouldn't take too long to complete them.

I'm making extras of each, just because I love the versatility of these blocks. They can be used to create a chain throughout a quilt, as part of a block, as sashing, or as a border. You're only limited by your imagination. As a matter of fact, I've been doodling some possible uses for these blocks. Who knows, perhaps they'll be used as the center of a star block, a churn dash or another fun block!?! I'm excited for the blocks that I'll get in the swap because I know that there will be some fabulous fabric choices. I LOVE that the rules state that there are to be only two fabrics per block, and that fabric used in one set cannot be used in another set of the same configuration (LDL or DLD). This is scrappy, yet controlled. Just how I like it!

The blocks aren't due until May 15th so I think I'll continue to make these as leader/ender blocks so I have LOTS of them done. I never know when I'll need these. I'm sure Bonnie Hunter will use them in a mystery quilt and I'll think I am SOOOO GOOOOOD because I'll have already done mine, or at least part of them. (Bonnie is know to have you make HUNDREDS of small units.)

Of course you do realize don't you, that as soon as I receive my 200 blocks, all other projects will be put aside so I can play! Now that doesn't mean that I'll complete anything right away; I'll just get to play!


Diane said...

the little 9-patches are wonderful, they are just about the most versatile block. thanks for sharing.

Quilter Kathy said...

The tiny patches are adorable!