Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's Home and Humming

My machine was in the spa shop for a tune up and since the tech had been gone, it took longer than normal for it to be returned to me.

This machine had not be in for servicing for quite a while simply because I just love to sew on it and hate to be without it. I do have another machine (a Bernina 135 S) and although I like it, it just isn't this machine. I know. I'm fickle.

I finally bit the bullet and sent the 180 to Keith, unpacked the 135 and started sewing. Everything was great until one day while I was sewing, the screen went blank. Mmmmmm. I thought that was strange, especially since the light was still working. Thinking it might be the foot pedal, I tried the foot pedal for Kare's machine but that didn't fix the problem. (I checked, and the pedals were the same model number.)

After turning the machine off and on a couple of times, the screen came back on and all was good - for a while. The same thing started happening pretty frequently until finally it would turn off so much that I spent more time with it off than on. ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!

Kare came to the rescue and loaned me her old Bernina 830 Record.
(Thanks Kare!!)

                                                    (picture is from

I've used that machine before and love it. The stitches are wonderful and even though I kept pushing buttons that weren't there (they're on the 180 and I'm a creature of habit), it sure didn't take much to get used to it.

I finally got the call Friday that my machine was ready for pick up. YEAH!!! I loaded up the 135 and headed to the shop (Quilts and Kreations in South Amherst, OH). I did the switch and since I'm sure it's a mother board issue, I know for certain that the repairs needed on the 135 will be substantially more than the tune up on the 180.   :-(

I packed up the 830 and set up the 180 . With just a flip of a switch that familiar hum started and all was good.  AAAAAHHHHHHH

You can see that I'm working on the OSU blocks again and I started a scrappy nine patch that will probably end up a disappearing nine patch. I needed a leader/ender project and this charm pack (Ticklish, by Moda was just sitting there and Kare and I had just talked about it earlier today. So I figured, why not? . Anyway, look how far I got with the OSU blocks.
I'm ready to start sewing the rows together. Stay tuned!  :-)

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DeAnna S. said...

It's difficult to be without our babies. Good thing you had a back up! Love your OSU block!