Monday, May 20, 2013

Design Wall Monday

I had a pretty productive weekend. I finished the T-shirt quilt top that needs to be done later this week and I'm piecing the backing later today. Hopefully it will be quilted Wednesday afternoon (I'm teaching all day tomorrow so I doubt I'll work on it at all tomorrow) and I'll be working on the binding Wednesday night while I'm watching the baseball game. Here's the t-shirt layout before the sashing was added and the rows sewn together. I like to take pictures at this point so I can reference it if when I get confused and have to make sure the shirts are in the right place. Of course that doesn't help when I sew a complete row upside down and have to rip and re-sew. (FYI - that is not super fun to do when you are working with t-shirts and you choose not to interface them!)

Anyway, that quilt now has sashing as well as borders added. YEAH!
Here's what's up on the wall right now.
It's the OSU quilt that I referenced in THIS POST. Can you see the S and U? This isn't going to be very large, but it's going to be perfect for it's recipient. I can't divulge the recipients name right now just in case that person checks out the blog. I'm making a couple of OSU quilts for people so I have to keep them guessing.  :-) 

One of the quilts I finished up recently and forgot to post a picture was the log cabin variation that was a commissioned piece. It is BIG - 110" long x 120" wide. It's wider than longer because the individual has a headboard and she wanted the final outside border to be eliminated so she didn't have to tuck it in.

After discussing multiple quilting options, the decision was made to use a simple meander stitch with a bit higher loft batting. I like how it turned out but would have loved to see some cool quilting in it.
I have to run, but I have some more fun things to show. I had the pleasure of spending some quality quilting time with some friends and family this weekend and there was a lot work done. I'll post pictures later.
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I LOVE the blue quilt. It is beautiful.

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