Monday, March 16, 2015

Design Wall Monday

It's been kind of busy around here and I'm chugging away at all the things that need done. I know I said that I would post pictures of some of the finished projects but I just have not had time to get decent pictures. I'll include a couple of them here, but more will follow later this week.

Here is what's on the wall right now.

School Quilt, Big M, Monroeville Quilt

This is the center of the quit I'm making for the Monroeville Baseball team to raffle. They wanted the Big M logo in the center and of course, be in their school colors. I'm ready to begin the applique and hope to get it done tonight.

Right after I spoke with the coach, I had a lunch period and sketched out this, along with a couple of other ideas. This is what he liked.

School Quilt, Big M, Monroeville Quilt

I did some quick calculations and added them to the bottom of the sketch, as you can see below. I wanted to give him some options regarding the overall quilt size. Even though he chose the larger size, it is very basic construction so it will go together quickly. I hope it brings in a bunch of money for them! Maybe cold weather while they are selling tickets would help.  :-)

School Quilt, Big M, Monroeville Quilt

I finally got a picture of Lynn and Ty's Framed Rectangles quilt. Jack and Nikki had to hang this over the balcony and Nikki's kids were funny as they were yelling up to her "Be careful, Mom! Don't fall because we love you! Oh, and you be careful too Grandpa because we love you too!"

Framed Rectangles, Brown and Teal Quilt

Here's a little closer shot of the quilt. It measures 86" x 106." I love these colors. Other versions of this quilt can be found HERE, HERE, and HERE and Here is Jerry's version - in batiks and it is GORGEOUS!

Framed Rectangles, Brown and Teal Quilt

Framed Rectangles, Brown and Teal Quilt, Quilting

 And here's the carrot table runner I made for the library. I made a few adjustments because I didn't want to have to add a binding. I just did the quilt as you go with batting and then added the backing and used the "birthing method" (sew it right sides together, leave an opening, and then turn right sides out). I then stitched around the outside using a 1/4" seam allowance to look like a binding and stitched in the ditch along the fabric strips. Easy, peasy! 

Carrot Table Runner, Easter Table Runner, Quilt as You Go

And speaking of the "birthing method", tomorrow is going to be a big day around here. Not only is it Tip Tuesday! and St. Patrick's Day, it's the day Lynn is having her baby! Of course we've all been thinking it would happen sometime over the last couple of weeks because Lynn's been having serious contractions, but as we all know, baby's have a mind of their own. Her surgery is scheduled for 8:00 am and we are all excited, especially since we don't know the gender. (Although I know many of you can't stand it, I love the excitement and anticipation of not knowing!) 

And, in case you didn't see yesterday's post about the 2015 Hands2Help Challenge, check it out HERE.

So, what are you working on today?

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Judy Hansen said...

I really like your raffle quilt! You inspired me to sketch out one for my favorite team, possibly for a gift for a grandchild. I love Design Wall Mondays, and looking at other quilter's work - so inspiring!