Monday, August 14, 2017

Design Wall Monday

I've had a pretty crazy couple of weeks and when I finally got home Thursday night, I decided that I wanted/needed to work on something fun and mindless. I went right to some of my prize-winnings from the American Honor Contest and pulled a fat quarter bundle of Starlet.

Isn't this fun! I knew that working with this would make me smile, especially if I made something simple and quick. 

It didn't take long for me to decide that I wanted to make a 20 block - 16 patch quilt. These quilts are easy and don't waste much fabric at all. Within a couple of hours, the fat quarters were all cut and half the blocks were sewn. It felt good to be at the sewing machine! 

I finished the blocks Friday evening and put them up on the design wall and they are still there. 

Grandma duty called Saturday afternoon and evening, and then Sunday was filled with prep work for the upcoming school year (I'm subbing for Ty when the new baby arrives), some pattern development work, and a concert featuring one of our friends.    

I hope to play around with the layout tomorrow and sew this top together. I'll add a small framing border (not sure which fabric yet), and then add a scrappy border using the left over fabrics from the fat quarters. 

What are you working on today?

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Bonnie said...

Love that fabric -- Starlight. And your 16 patches are so fun and bright. I'm so glad I'm not going back to work at the end of the summer. I've got too much to do these days! Enjoy your stitching time.

Rosa said...

Stunning.Love your fabric combo!

I cut fabrics to make hexies.

Suze said...

I like the bright colors. The blocks look wonderful on the design wall. They keep my eyes moving. I guessed their were multiples of the blocks in color combinations and my eyes were moving to find them. You'll have fun with subbing. I still wish I have the physical stamina to sub. Since I don't, I decided to tutor one night a week. I should have the same child each week. These children do move quickly and often, so you never know from week to week and you don't usually get the opportunity to say good bye. I want to try to find a project for the child that we can do together for most of the year. The child is supposed to do any assigned homework and then the student may play. My student last year was a first grader who in my opinion was not ready for first grade. That's difficult for me to diagnose since I'm not a teacher - however, at one time I did have a teaching certificate; education was one of my two majors; I have an education masters, and I was two classes and a dissertation away from a doctorate in gifted ed. The child knew very, very few of the site words from kindergarten; could not tell if the arithmetic sign was addition or subtraction; did not know if plus was add or subtract, etc.; was frustrated with school; felt the teacher picked on him; and he was pulled out of class and then given the same homework as every one else. He just wanted to play non-"educational" games - ball throwing with a Velcro mitt to catch a fuzzy ball. He had three siblings in the tutoring group and at least one more sibling at home. He saw his dad on weekends. I felt so sorry for the kid. I just tried to be as loving to him as I could. We went back to kindergarten work to try to find something for him to find work at which he could be successful and could not find it. I asked if he read at home and he said there was no quiet time. I think sometimes we forget the plight of the children at home. He always took home as much food as he could carry, too. If I have him again, we need to find some longer term projects with short term goals within for him. He is a sweet child. I know your students have to adore your lessons. My daughter is a high school math teacher. That is what I was going to do and I applied for a computer programming job (college minor) and got that before I got any replies from schools.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I love it!! what bright and happy fabrics~

Pieced Brain Quilt Designs said...

OMGoodness! Loving it!!!