Sunday, December 31, 2017


It's been quiet here on the blog over the last week, but that's only because we've been busy celebrating with family and friends.

In my previous post, I had pictures of our Christmas celebration here on Dec. 22nd, but I didn't share pictures of earlier that day when Avery and Peyton were here. They came early while Lynn and Ty ran errands, etc. Because it was just the girls (we figured Layne should probably stay with Lynn), we had lots of time to play and enjoy some alone time with them.

As with all the grandkids, Avery and Peyton love to be helpers. They helped Grandpa Jack fill the bird feeders. (Notice that the girls are wearing short sleeves. It was pretty warm that day {Dec. 22nd}, but that didn't last long. Check out the pictures at the end of the post that I took Dec. 23rd.) 

After filling the feeders, you really do have to come inside to check out which birds came to enjoy a feast.

Of course when you're using binoculars to check out birds, you have to check out each other too.

And when there are gifts under the tree, binoculars help you read the names written on each package. 

And in Peyton's case, you have to check out your favorite tree ornaments.

It was a good thing they filled those feeders because this is what it was like outside the very next day.


I have a lot more pictures to share, but I've got work to do. Perhaps I'll share them later today or tomorrow.

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