Sunday, December 17, 2017

More Projects

I've recently been asked to make Faith Hope and Love wall hangings for a couple people. The good thing is that since I've already made them, it was easy and I didn't have to hold my breath and hope that the pattern was correct. The "bad" thing is that I sometimes get bored when I make a quilt more than once. Nevertheless, I'm happy with the results and so are the recipients. 

As requested, I made all three sets using the same fabric so I'm only posting one picture here. I'm hoping that the final recipients (they are Christmas gifts) will enjoy them.

 Annie and I had an umbrella class this past Thursday. Here are a few pictures of the umbrellas made by the courageous ladies who braved the winter storm in order to get to the class.  Thank you ladies! We had a wonderful time and we love your creations.

I love the fabrics Chris chose! She did a great job and was very quick too. :-)

Bonnie is shy and didn't want her picture taken. Her fabric brighten up the classroom and almost made us forget about the snow and cold. 

Beth and Jeanie were a lot of fun, just like their fabric choices! 

 Jeanie's key fabric was really neat and I love the finished umbrella!

Isn't this fabric fun? 

Kathy didn't want to show her face either, but I love how this umbrella turned out. I think it looks like raindrops on the umbrella. The best part for her was that the fabric was on sale. Yay!

 Diane's umbrella fabric umbrella (would you say her umbrella umbrella? 😉) looks great! She was going to alternate panels with a really fun big dot fabric, but decided to make two umbrellas - one from each fabric. I look forward to seeing the next one. 

It's fun to teach these classes and I always look forward to seeing the finished project. I know some people that are getting some homemade umbrellas for Christmas! Yay!!!

I finished the Wayward Transparency quilting, but don't have a good picture to show. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow morning.

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