Sunday, December 31, 2017

It's For the Birds

As promised, here are a few more bird pictures that I thought you might enjoy. To see the previous pictures, click HERE.

Check out the wing on this bird. There is a stick going right through it.

We first noticed this bird Saturday morning, and Jack and I were worried that he was injured and might not survive the freezing temperatures. Much to our surprise, we've seen him every day, including today. The stick is still there and he's still pretty darn aggressive towards the other birds. I guess I would be too if I had a stick in my wing. We'll continue to look for him every day and keep our fingers crossed that he survives.

There is no shortage of birds just about every time we look outside. Not only are they on the feeders, they congregate underneath them, in the trees and bushes, and even on our back porch.  

We love seeing the male cardinals, since they are such a bright red. The kids love to see them too, and we've been seeing a lot lately. This is just one, but it's not unusual to see three or four of them at a time. Cardinals always make me think of my sister Pat, who lives in Washington. I can't imagine not seeing these beautiful birds, so this picture is for you Pat!  😍💖

I enjoy seeing more than one bird on the sunflower feeder. 

We've got a couple of woodpeckers that come every day, but this is the only one I've been able to capture on film. (When Avery saw this, she asked if it was a woodbanger bird. That made me smile!)

Here's an interesting bird. Take a look at the bird in the middle of the picture. I took this picture and it's not great.  

Jack's daughter Linda was able to get much better pictures.  

None of us have ever seen this before. It has all the features of a female cardinal, except that white head.

It's quite fascinating to us. 

We've seen her every day since the 22nd. 

We continue to enjoy feeding and watching this birds. I've got additional pictures with another grandchild that I'll share later.

Stay warm and be safe if you are going out to celebrate tonight.

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Maureen said...

We've had some beautiful cardinals this year. However, the birdseed has drawn some nasty raccoons as well. If anyone has suggestions about eliminating raccoons, I would love to hear them. I really enjoy feeding the birds and it looks like I will have to stop.