Friday, May 1, 2020

Color Challenge - May

This month's color is green and the bird is the Budgerigar

For the pattern and block instructions, head on over to 

This is a beautiful bird that lives in the inland of Australia. It's basically nomadic and moves around looking for wherever food and water is available. (Gee, that sounds about what I have been doing the last few weeks - going back and forth to the kitchen, looking for food and drink.  😅  Unfortunately, I don't look near as pretty as this bird.)  

These birds typically travel together in small groups, but they have been known to join together in very large flocks to travel. 
When that happens, it can be quite a sight to see and hear.  
Click HERE to listen to a single Budgerigar, as well as a flock of them. 
I think it's a very pretty sound.

Speaking of pretty, look at the close up of these two! 

This bird is beautiful and I can see quilt colors in it - green, black, yellow, blue, and teal. This is a good reminder that when I get stuck while choosing fabrics and colors, all I need to do is take a break and just look to nature. 


I like green - all variations of the color - and use it often in my quilts.

Here's my latest - Peaks and Valleys, a pattern by Tamarinis. (Tammy is one of the bloggers this month. How cool is that?!)
The green is very close to the green on these birds. 
Click HERE for more pictures of this quilt.

Here's my Wayward Transparency Quilt - a Quilting Jetgirl pattern. It may not be the same green, but it's one of my favorite quilts so I had to show it.

I've used a variety of greens in some of the Hoop Quilts that I've made. 

There are quite a few more, including Christmas quilts, but it time to get back to the Color Challenge blocks.  :-)

Here are my fabrics

Yep! That's a Christmas batik that I'm using, but I knew that it would be ok because of the sizes that the pieces are cut. It was exactly what I wanted, and just like all the other batiks I'm using, I bought it when I was in FL last Dec. attending a workshop at 

I was thinking about that shop the other day when it was raining here. I was reminded of how bright and beautiful everything was there, even in Dec. The beauty from outside continued inside the shop too - so many colors and fabrics!  
Look at these beautiful batiks...

And that bottom shelf is full of green fabric...

Sorry - as you can tell, I'm easily distracted when it comes to fabric...

My cut pieces...

My sewn units, ready to be made into blocks

My blocks...

See what I mean about the Christmas fabric working ok? 
I REALLY like this block! The chain effect that is created is so different and fun. I think I'm going to use this in another quilt in which I'm trying to decide what to use for the alternate block.  


Go to Jen's Blog to get this month's block instructions. While you're there, be sure to check out our sponsors and all the awesome prizes available.

And you certainly don't want to miss out on the other bloggers participating this month. I love seeing all the different fabrics people are using. It's such great inspiration for future projects. 

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