Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Surprises usually are good things. For example, Sunday evening I decided make a small Halloween version of my Framed! quilt and got my fabrics together to work on it. Monday morning I started cutting and piecing my blocks and posted my progress on Design Wall Monday. I was pleasantly surprised to get the entire project done last night. Pieced, quilted and bound!
  Here's the back. I just LOVE this fabric!
I think the fabrics for the front and back play really well together. Don't you?
Another nice and pleasant surprise was that I had all of these fabrics in my stash!

Now, there are time when surprises really aren't nice. Like this morning when I walked into the garage and saw a snake coiled up by the overhead door. I really had no choice but to open the door; but I was concerned as to which direction the critter would scurry when it heard the door opening. I decided to be brave and try to "encourage" it to head toward the freedom of the great outdoors. Of course that meant I had to push the button and rush over to an agitated snake and hope that I was fast enough to stop him from slithering past me and make his way in to the back of the garage. I took a deep breath, pushed the button and ran toward the snake. I might have made a few noises (aka screams) too but I don't know about that. I was concentrating.

Since I'm calm enough to post about this, I think you can surmise that I was successful in my endeavor. And no, I did not even think about get pictures to post.  :-)

Of course when I told my husband about this, he just shook his head and wondered why I dislike snakes so much. I don't know and I don't care. I just am. But today's score is Joanne 1, snake 0!

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