Monday, January 19, 2015

Quilt for Paige

For those of you who read my earlier post about the two young ladies in the accident, I am ready to sew the quilt for Paige. I made some adjustments to the Summer Love tutorial that Jera over at Quilting in the Rain provided back in 2011 and I think it turned out well.

Here's my version with the strips ready to sew. I will add borders, but I'm not sure what fabric I'll use.

Heart Quilt - Jelly Roll Friendly - Signature Quilt

Allie's quit top is done and ready for the signatures.

Heart Quilt - 2.5 inch squares - Signature Quilt

Both of these quilts were made using the same fabrics. That was very important to me and I was glad that I had enough to do so.

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

Some how I missed your first post and went back to read it. I think the two quilts are going to be a wonderful group hug for both girls.