Sunday, October 21, 2012

All the Trimmings

No, I'm not talking about food!

I'm talking about the little slivers of pieces left after you trim your pieced blocks. Now I try to pride myself in accurate piecing, but sometimes I purposely oversize. I would much rather have to take the time to trim blocks or block units than struggle to make them fit because of inaccurate sewing. Here's my pile of trimmings after cleaning up 99 blocks for my Vintage quilt.

After I had sewn the fifty hour glass blocks I knew I was going to trim because I had forgotten to switch the needle position back to the quarter inch mark.  It wasn't much off, but enough that I decided to trim. I guess that having made that decision, I didn't care when my nine-patch blocks weren't perfect.

Here's all the blocks trimmed and ready to put together. With any luck, I'll have a quilt top by the end of the day - borders and all. This is going to be a cute little quilt!  :-)


evelyn said...

That's all, from 99 blocks?! You ARE good!

Cindy Sharp said...