Thursday, October 4, 2012

Better Pictures?

Ok, I've finally decided I need to do something about the quality of the pictures I post here on the blog and use in my patterns. I thought about getting a new camera but know that I really can't blame the camera. It's me, the operator! (They say that admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?) Anyway, I've never really learned to use my camera and as much as I'd like to say a new camera would solve all the problems, I know that's just not realistic.

So what have I done? I'm starting by taking a class from Quilt University called Photographing Your Quilt which is being taught by Janice Baehr, one of the co-founders of the Pacific Rim Quilt Company.

Hopefully you will start seeing some progress and I won't even have to mention the class again. Wish me luck!! :-)


Heleen Groot said...

Good luck! I'm impressed with you taking the time and effort needed for a full course. Don't forget to have lots of fun too.....

quilary said...

Have fun learning to use the camera! I'm sure there will lots of interesting tips about lighting and using picasa or "photo fixing" software as well.