Monday, August 9, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Here it is almost 9:00PM and I'm just now posting my Design Wall Monday pictures. How sad is that? I guess it's fitting though since I just got home from work and I won't even begin to think about sewing for another hour or so. Who knows, I might just wait until tomorrow. :-) I usually try to post before I go to work but I had LOTS of errands to run today and left home much earlier than normal. Oh well, at least I'm posting.

Here are the fabrics I've picked out for Sadie's quilt.

I had decided to wait until she was born before I made my decision on what quilt to make, and as I was looking at my stash this weekend, I just kept coming back to these fabrics. I really like the color combination. They remind me of the Caffeine Chaos quilt that I made a few months back. I'm still toying a bit with the pattern and will make my decision tonight!

Also, here is the block that I was working on while Nikki was in labor with Sadie.

I've decided that I'm going to pick various blocks and "assign" them to special people or events so this one is going to be named "Sadie Jane." I'm going to take a look at the one's I've completed and "label" them and then make a list of who and what I want to honor with a block. Since I have to make about 60 blocks, I don't think I'll have a problem running out of blocks. More than likely, I'll run out of people or events to honor!

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AnnieO said...

I was later than you! But still we participated, right? Love the fabrics you have picked out for your quilt.

Nina Marie said...

I love the idea of dedicating a block to important people/events in your life. I'm quite sure you won't run out of people. Isn't it amazing how many great people touch our lives?

knittingbrow said...

Those are nice fabric choices for Sadie's quilt. I do like the idea of working on a block at a time. There are plenty of events to keep you busy.