Friday, May 20, 2011

Checking In and Some Pictures

I've been meaning to post some pictures for my friend Kristen of the items I sent her for her fishing tournament fundraiser. Since she's in Minnesota and I'm in Ohio, she has not seen what I've been working on for her, so here are the pictures....
Here's a lap quilt. I had this fabric with lots of fish jargon and I simply layered it and quilted an all-over meander. I figured I didn't want to cut up the fabric and this made an easy and good looking lap quilt!
Here's a wall hanging. The original fabric was a panel but some of the fish were sideways and I just didn't want to use it like that. I cut apart the panel segments and added sashings to "fill in" the empty areas. I like how this turned out, even though I would have liked to use the original blue sashing on the panel. It had lures on it and looked fun, but I just couldn't use it once I segmented the fish blocks. :-(
And finally, here are two pillowcases using fish fabric that I had in my stash. I know that Kristen likes this fabric, so I'm hoping she likes the pillowcases.
I hope these items are successful at bringing in some decent money for the event!

I've worked a little bit on my Glacier Star, and hopefully I'll have it up on the design wall soon so I can get a picture or two. I haven't really done much else quilt-wise but hopefully that'll change soon.

Jack and I went to a Tai Chi class this morning. Stein Hospice offered the class to it's staff and volunteers and when they said spouses could join us, I signed us up! It was soooooooo relaxing! The bad part is that we have to drive to Sandusky to take the class Monday and Friday mornings, but that's ok. I really enjoyed it and can't wait until Monday's class.

I'm teaching a class tomorrow afternoon and I'm looking forward to seeing my students' quilt tops. They should all have them done, and we'll be working on quilting them. Actually, they're going to be learning and practicing on "scrap sandwiches" but hopefully we'll get their quilts layered before the end of class.

I guess that's my cue to get off the computer and make sure I have all of my things ready.

Oh yeah, Lynn and I are having a Fundraiser Pampered Chef book party if you want anything. A portion of the proceeds go to our Breast Cancer 3-Day event so ordering would help a good cause! Just let me know if you want to place an order or go here to place your order on line. (That link should take you right to the catalog, and our page.) They have some really cute May specials. Check out this cake server.

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eggertkj said...

Joanne these are AWESOME!!!!! I can't believe how awesome these are! Thank you so very much, you did a great job and I can't wait to see them in person! I will let you know how much money we raise. Still closing like crazy! Quilt number 6 is done and I just need to trim it and bind #6. I have a new class starting the 2nd week of June and will learn how to do triangles and mitered borders.