Sunday, May 15, 2011


Ok, can anyone explain why red and green are considered to be traditional Christmas colors? Even though it may feel like winter today because it's rainy and cold here, I saw this red and green out the back window just a bit ago and it sure makes me think of Spring.
Do you see the two Scarlet Tanagers? Aren't they beautiful? There were three here, along with at least one female. Of course here's how the female is described in the Birds of Ohio Field Guide: "drab, greenish yellow bird with olive wings and tail, whitish wing linings, dark eyes" as compared to the male: "bright scarlet red bird with jet black wings and tail, ivory bill and dark eyes." It's really not fair how so many female birds are pretty plain looking compared to their male counterparts.

I tried to get a picture of the female but she moved before I could get it. :-( Typically these birds arrive in late Spring and leave in early Fall so I'm kind of thinking that maybe they're confused and thinking they should be heading south soon. It sure feels more like early Fall than late Spring.

Enjoy the other pictures of these beautiful creatures. Do you see what I mean about Christmas colors?

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