Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Trees and More

Oops! Yesterday was Tip Tuesday! and I forgot to schedule a post.
I've decided to let it be and skip this week.
Think that was a sign that I was a bit too busy to think straight? 


The other day, I was lamenting the fact that I had yet to put up Christmas decorations, including the Christmas tree. The very next day I put up a couple of "trees" in hopes that it would make me feel better. 

I've always enjoyed this wall hanging and know exactly when I made it. The year that Jack turned 70, we had a party for him and I made this a couple of days before his party. I was pretty well set with party stuff and knew I wasn't putting the tree up until the day after the party, but I still wanted a holiday feeling. This fit the bill!  

Whimsical Christmas Tree Wall Hanging - Fun and simple way to decorate for Christmas

I don't remember when I made this, but it was a very long time ago. I think it was soon after I started quilting. It is small and simple! The "tree" and "star" were made out of gold metallic bias tape and there was no right or wrong way to do this. Over the years, this little wall hanging has seen double duty as a winding road for mini cars. That's the reason it's not on a wall right now. :-)

I like the wall hangings, but they didn't fill the void of an actual tree.

I finally gave in and put up the small skinny tree. It's pretty minimal and my intention was to have the kids help with the final decorations while they were waiting for the family party to begin. I figured it would keep them occupied while the adults were finishing up the food and other things.

No additional ornaments were added, but a bunch of gifts were.  :-)

Yesterday was our annual crab leg dinner/gift exchange and it was wonderful.

The food was delicious and the company divine!

I made a conscious decision to NOT take pictures so I could enjoy watching everyone open their gifts, chat and interact.  I like having the pictures, but I really wanted to be able to see and hear their reactions. "real" Christmas pictures this year and I'm perfectly ok with that.

Everyone had a good time and was quite happy. (I six quilts as gifts and I'll post pictures soon.) 

I stopped over to Nikki's house this morning to drop off something and this is what I saw upon my arrival. 

All three kids playing with the puzzles that Ronan got yesterday. They sure were having fun!

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evelyn said...

We haven't done a tree in years, so yours looks lovely. I decorate with snowmen, no rush to take them down. Six quilts! You have been busy. Merry Christmas