Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bras for a Cause Part II

Here are the rest of the Bras for a Cause pictures.

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This bra was simply adorable and had a lot of people chuckling. I was happy when it was purchased by a bakery to be displayed in the shop. 

Bras for a Cause

This bra is beautiful and could easily be the top of a gorgeous dress!

I love any bra that has to do with baseball and the fact that is it red, white and blue and has lots of stars makes it even more fun.

This beautiful bra was a prize winner and was beautiful.

This bra sure had a lot of people laughing. It lit up and was wonderful. Now I'm thirsty.  :-)

I love this bra. It is simple, but fun.

What a fun bra. Someone tool a lot of time to make this beauty.

The idea for this bra came to the designer during a meeting where popcorn was being consumed. You should have heard the ideas flying that night. :-)

This bra is beautiful and once again, I am lucky t have spoken with the designer and learned the back story. This was not for sale as it was going to be given to a woman who is fighting breast cancer.

Here's another winning bra. This group, Angels in the Outfield have made bras every year that we've had the event and their creations NEVER disappoint. 

I am proud to be involved in this event and thank everyone who participates, whether it's by creating a bra, buying one of the entries, or voting for the winners. We CAN make a difference! 

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